While focusing on the systemic approach, I also integrate elements of conversational and behavioural therapy. I am convinced that every person has very individual needs and thus also requires individualised, tailor-made support. Hence I pursue an integrative approach of counselling and therapy.


The systemic approach looks in particular at the personal relations (both private and professional), of the client, i.e. the “systems” which he or she is a part of. In most cases, conflicts and problems are not caused by one person alone but by the exchange and interrelation with the social environment.


Systemic also means:


Experimental and experience-oriented:

You are the expert of your story and your feelings. To find ways to deal with your concerns we can use different methods. Everything you can imagine and like to try is possible.



Everyone has a lot of personal competences and strengths. In difficult situations, it may sometimes seem that these have disappeared or are not enough to master the challenges one is faced with. Yet your resources can be rediscovered, strengthened and used in a very beneficial way.


Conversations can be helpful and relieving. In order to integrate new ideas into every-day life, to change or to improve things, it is most often necessary to take action as well. New authentic behaviours or the change of typical roles can be tested.



The counselling/therapy should also aim at a solution of the problem. For this, it is important not to get stuck in the past, but to develop a fresh view into the future. Solutions can be brought about by trying out new paths.