Counselling/Therapy/Couple Therapy

 Do you know that as well?


- Do you have difficulties in your

  relations with family members

  and friends?


- Do you have the feeling of turning

  around in circles with certain conflicts

  with your partner?

- Are you faced with a difficult phase in life (e.g. loss of a family    


- Do you have conflicts with colleagues?

- Would you like to change your professional situation?

- Are you often sad or depressed?

- Do you have physical complaints or sleeping problems?

- Is just everything going wrong at the moment?

- Are you struggling with events and/or issues of your past?

- Or is it maybe that you simply want to talk about certain things

  with someone?


Then psychological counselling or a therapy could be helpful for you.

In my understanding, the distinction between counselling and therapy is not clear-cut. Counselling is often a more short-term oriented process. Therapy is typically somewhat longer, involves more aspects of life and possibly addresses a more difficult problem.

In any case, the client and his specific concerns are at the centre. A supportive process can contribute to achieving a desired change, reducing stress or regaining of (physical) well-being. Conversations can relieve from a burden, strengthen resources and bring back ability to act.